Premiere of Kafka Fragments at the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on November 15, 2016

Court singer Elin Rombo and violinist Anders Kjellberg Nilsson perform December 6 György Kurtágs fascinating Kafka Fragments for the first time in Sweden. The concert is a monumental exploration of writer Franz Kafka’s world, based on his notebooks, diaries and letters.

Join a reflective, dramatic and humorous journey of song and violin composed by one of the most interesting european composers. The texts are taken from Franz Kafka’s letters and diaries and nuanced picture of the Czech master of mystery and melancholy black humor. There is Kafka in a whole new way.

The concert opens with three short introductions, and a conversation between Paul Griffiths (music critic and author), Aris Fioretos, (writer and translator), and Tomas Kafka (diplomat and translator of German literature). In addition, a filmed interview with composer who this year turned 90.
György Kurtág is a Hungarian composer and pianist with a long and rich career. He was born in 1926, moved to Paris after the dramatic 1956 Hungarian Revolution and studied with eminent composers such as Olivier Messiaen and Darius Milhaud. He published his first piece, a string quartet, 1959 and is active today – his latest work, the orchestral piece Petite musique solennelle – A Hommage à Pierre Boulez 90, as recently as last year. Kurtág wrote Kafka-Fragmente in the mid-1980s, after many years of accumulated fragments from Franz Kafka’s notebooks, diaries and letters. It is a work that at the same time is a song cycle, a diary (both for Kafka as for Kurtág), a duet between the singer and violinist, and also as a kind of musical theater.
The soprano Elin Rombo appointed educated at Brandon University, Queen Elizabeth II in Canada and at the University College of Opera in Stockholm, where she graduated in 2003. She debuted during her studies at the Royal Opera as Christa in Makropoulos Case Janácek. Elin has received numerous grants and awards, among them Jenny Lind scholarship in 1999, Bernadotte Scholarship in 2003, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music Scholarship, and Birgit Nilsson scholarship in 2009. In November 2013 was Elin Rombo appointed to the Court Singer. She was the summer of 2016 guest of the Sing-along at Skansen in SVT.
Anders Kjellberg Nilsson is the Royal Opera Concert Master and one of Norway’s most popular violinists. He has performed as soloist with all the Norwegian symphony orchestras and has also devoted himself to chamber music. He plays both violin and viola and has collaborated with artists such as Truls Mørk, Janine Jansen and Martin Frost. He has also been artistic director of the Hardanger Music Festival, an annual festival of chamber music and folk music.
The director is Lizzie Oved Scheja. The show is a collaboration between the Royal Dramatic Theatre& and Jew Culture in Sweden with the support of Music Education, Cultural Affairs and the City of Stockholm.

The show is performed in German and subtitled in English. The call before the concert is in English.

Small Stage, on December 6 at the 19th

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