Premiere for horse festival at Tyresö Castle

By on August 9, 2017

Shetland pony, lusitanos, island horses and dressage ardennern Torsten. Horses of all kinds fill the park at Tyresö Castle weekend from 16-17 September. Horse party at Tyresö Castle is an open-air event for all ages with the horse in focus and grande finale for the Nordic Museum’s summer season at Tyresö Castle.

The Nordic Museum’s Wenke Rundberg is responsible for the season’s program at Tyresö Castle and is working to renew the offer of the popular excursion. She is proud and pleased with the collaboration with the Slottshästen, which enabled this new open-air event wich both gets its premiere and the final of the season at the same time.

– There have always been horses around Tyresö Castle, both workhorses, riding horses and finer wagon horses. The horse is part of the cultural history and therefore it is so fun that we can now offer both riders and families and horse unaccustomed a fantastic experience in the beautiful park at Tyresö Castle, she says.

Slottshästen consists of Fredrik Hedin, Lars Lalla Nilsson and Owe Sandström, who each have many years of experience in horse events. Fredrik has a background as a coachman and event organizer and Owe Sandström is a co-producer of the opening ceremony of the European Championship in Gothenburg and, together with Lalla Nilsson, has produced shows at the Swedish International Horse Show.

– One of the highlights is to see the famous Dressyr ardennern Torsten, a heavy ardenner stallion who is dancing among half-blooded horses in dressage classes together with his rider Linda. And for all the children, the story about the Swan Princess, enchanted by the evil wizard. In addition, you meet horses in classical work situations such as four-in-hand driving and chic wagon driving with people in time-consuming clothes. There will be a lot of life and movement around the castle, says Owe Sandström, who is also a conference during the Horse party.

In three arenas you will have the opportunity to see what horse and human can do together through activities, shows and competitions such as marathon movement, kadrilj with island horses, sidesaddle riding, para-riding, forest work and western. In addition, the park is filled with family activities, lectures, exhibitors, food and drinks. The museum level inside the castle is open for visits all weekend.

The horse party is in progress from 12-16 on 16 and 17 September. Entrance fee of SEK 120 for adults and SEK 50 for children including entrance to the museum level inside the castle. Tickets via, in the entrance to the Nordic Museum and Tyresö Castle or on site.

The program as a whole can be found here >>

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