Premiere for Högberga Rosé

By on September 19, 2016

For the first time in history releasing Högberga Vinfabrik a rosé wine; Högberga Rosé. Of a total of 400 bottles are 100 to exclusively enjoy with us at Högberga Gård.

Winemaker Zälle tells;
The idea to try to do even a rosé wine came actually from that we wanted to enhance fruit concentration in our red wines. The liquid / grape juice is refueled out already after two hours and then we let the wine ferment like a white wine. The color is determined by the grape variety used, but also of course on how long the juice has been with its shell. The alcohol content is the same as in our red wines; 13.5% and as usual no added sugar.

We didnt want to have a sweet rosé, rather a dry. Högberga Rosé is robust in its structure, full-bodied and has a large fruit. It’s perfect to salmon and seafood. Not quite easygoing. The wine is equally suited to autumn as in summer.

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