Premiere for Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken

By on March 12, 2017

Loranga, Max, Vilda bebin and Dollan. All are they children’s book characters which is loved by children and adults alike. And all are created by one of the greatest children’s authors – Barbro Lindgren. On April 7 is the premiere of “Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken“. The house will be filled with theater, music and games where everyone gets the opportunity to experience the freedom and imaginative figures from Barbros books.

Guests will be met by a completely remodeled world where everything is built around the experience, to be a part of the environment around the popular characters. Here are various scales from big to tiny. The focus is to allow the visitor to play, build and feel involved – whether you are a child or adult.

Visit in Barnhans country, becoming Vilda bebin, redecorate in Dollans dollhouse, challenged in Lorangas obstacle course and play in Max corner. Go into Barbros children’s book world together, in which issues of freedom, life and death are depicted from a child’s perspective. “What do you live for?” Is one of them.

What you write for children, it should be even better than for adults in order to be really good. At Junibacken my books can be experienced in a new form than when you read them. It is exciting to see them with different eyes, says the author Barbro Lindgren.

With Barbro Lindgren’s books and characters as inspiration want Junibacken bring children and even adults’ desire to read. On the theater scene will the play Sparvel be played, a depiction of how obviously understandable – and incomprehensible – the world can be for a child.

– We want many more people to get to know the greatness of Barbro, her books and characters. With us, it becomes clear what an important role model she is – a rebel, always a step ahead. With great wisdom, she depicts both what is difficult and what is easy and simple, but always from the child’s own perspective. With Barbro at Junibacken gives us the opportunity to spread joy and laughter but also an opportunity for reflection, says Björn Edlund, CEO of Junibacken.

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