Premiere for a new jacket for Situation Sthlm’s salesman

By on October 29, 2017
David Hamp

On Thursday, all of the Situation Sthlm 300 magazine salesman received the jacket that will make them be seen in the swarm on the town. The jacket has been developed in collaboration with Beckman’s Design College and fashion student Julia Andersen and provides a professional career identity for the entire sales force.

For Stockholm’s homeless, Situation Sthlm is an important way back to society, but the newspaper is lost in edition. A survey shows that 93 percent of the purchase of the magazine is spontaneous and unplanned.

– To be seen on the street in connection with newspaper sales is important for several reasons. Work clothes create a clear identity for those who wear them and sales increase when our sellers are clearly visible in the city. The smoother it is possible to sell the newspaper, the more the self-confidence of the seller of Situation Sthlm is often strengthened, says Pia Stolt, CEO of Situation Sthlm.

Jacket with dual functions

In September 2016, students who passed the final year of the Fashion Program at Beckmans Design High School received the assignment to develop a jacket for the salesman. After research and interviews with the sellers, in December 2016, twelve ideas were presented in an exhibition at Fotografiskas pavilion. Then the sellers also had to vote for the jacket they would prefer to win. Most voices got a jacket by Julia Andersen with dual features – it is visible when needed thanks to a vest that is fastened in a special pocket and can be taking forward at sales, and when the seller wants to be private, it is removed and the jacket is completely black.

– The most fun of the project has been to work for a very broad audience. It was a challenge to make a design that will suit so many different people and make them be seen, but in a comfortable way. There have been a lot of people involved in this project and in itself it has been very exciting and new to me. And the whole process has been instructive – ranging from meeting sellers in town and embracing their everyday lives and needs to work with technical designers at Fristads, says Julia.

– I got stuck immediately because the jacket has two uses use areas. You can be seen. And if you do not want to be seen when you have finished selling, you can also be a bit private. I urge all Stockholmers to look after us for now we will be seen much better. And do not be jealous of the jacket, because I think they will be, says Pierre Blom, salesman at Situation Sthlm.

Facts about the jacket
The jacket has been manufactured by Fristads work clothes manufacturer. It is water repellent, windproof and warm and features details like fleece lined pockets, reflective details and a variety of pockets of different sizes and with different features – from spacious to silent.

About Situation Sthlm
Situation Sthlm’s activities aim to support homeless people, for example. homeless and socially vulnerable people return to society with work as a method. The magazine has been available for 22 years and is published once a month, with a circulation of 22,500 ex (TS) and 117,000 readers (Orvesto Consumer 2017: 2). The sellers buy the newspaper for 25 kr and sell it for 50 kr. Under the section “Homeless – In Your Own Words”, the newspaper’s homeless sellers write and photograph things that concern them. Situation

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm