Premiere at SIHS – Island Horses World Cup

By on October 5, 2018
Haide Westring

World premiere!
Sweden International Horse Show takes hold of the world’s best island’s ekipage.

– We are now launching a investment on the Icelandic horses and launching a startup year for the world’s first world cup competition in tölt for Icelandic horses, World Cup Icelandic Horses in Tölt, says Ulf Rosengren, chairman of SIHS

A total of 12 equipage will be invited based on achievements in T1 (tölt) during the year at national championships, Nordic championships and Elmia Icelandic Power. Under SIHS there is a competition outside the show time. The eight best equipage will then make up under the final during the Friday afternoon performance.

– It is time for the island horses to take place in the big arenas. This is something we have dreamed of and worked hard for. We want to lift the Icelandic horses to the same competition status for other sports under SIHS. It is a great arena and setting to showcase our sport, says competitor and initiator Ylva Hagander.

A rider is ready for launch already, Swedish Jamila Berg and the horse Toppur from Audsholtshjaleigu.

The venture also includes extra many island horses around the stadium and the fair. The performance during Friday afternoon also includes a fast-paced and full-featured show signed the Icelandic horses.

– 2018 will be a start-up year and it is part of a long-term effort to create one of the most important competitions in the Icelandic sport, continues Ylva Hagander.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm