Premiere again – for the seventh time!

By on April 22, 2018

In the same arena – Lill-Skansen’s stage in Stockholm! Two newly written performances, with brand new music! Picnic theater, where the children are in the process of creating!

Four times every day between the first of May and the end of October, children will be able to make stories about animals, nature and the environment on Lill-Skansen’s little intimate stage.

With the child’s imagination and ingenuity, the audience gets involved and influences the plays, which nevertheless follow a core story.

Everything in the picnic theater spirit.

Staffan Granrot, actor, who has been with since the start seven years ago;

– We are now longing for the meeting. Each performance becomes unique, depending on the children in the audience and on stage with our actors. It is incredibly exciting to keep the story, while allowing the children to take their place with their lunge and whim.

– Picnic theater is the most interactive experience you can have as an audience, says Johan Briggert, who wrote the plays and introduced the picnic theater at Lill-Skansen, which he also directs. For many years he has been working successfully with this form of theater, including at Astrids Lindgren’s world in Vimmerby.

– Children should be encouraged to participate with their imagination and feel that they are heroes and heroines in the story, says Johan. And as an actor, you must work hard with your honesty, find an appeal and playfulness where the acting and the theater become a key to reaching the children’s desire to create.

The theater form, called “picnic theater” – just because of its simplicity, it is only necessary to have an open space and an actor, originated from the storytelling technique, and the simple bring to life of a story. Over the years, the form has evolved and now uses various developed means to reach the goal of creating an open and communicative theater. Crime, flexibility, honesty, responsiveness – are some of the words that work with, and implemented in script reading and set-up work.

Completely in line with Skansen’s pedagogy on openness and respect for people, the environment and animals, and of course the theater is included in Skansen’s admission ticket!

The performances at Lill-Skansen are produced by Theater Pegasus Produktion on behalf of the Skansen Foundation, which takes over the productions after the premiere, with frequent follow-ups to ensure the quality and the audience’s participation is maximized.

This year’s ensemble

Musicians and composers:
Kim Nkoubou
Fredrik Arvidsson

Jenna Gillinger
Cecilia de la Motte
Staffan Granrot
Markus Christensen

Tour and sudden initiative:
Marcus Sturevall (musician)
Johan Briggert
Josefin Reinhard

Maria Kirsch, Skansen

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm