Powerful physical dance theater about love and open relationships

By on May 9, 2017

There are more people living in open relationship than we know about. Perhaps the time of the par-norm begins to come to an end? When Jesper and Louise open their relationship, a door is also opened. To heaven or hell, they can only answer. But one thing they will know. If they have opened the door, they can never close it again! A powerful physical dance theater where realism meets absurd poetry, much like normal life. Six dancers / actors, three men and three women, form different sides of the same pair, tamped with both their longing for excitement and their need for security. In the roles of the couple we see Rennie Mirro, Piotr Giro, David Dalmo, Emelie Jonsson, Sandra Medina and Lisette Pagler. For the manuscript answers Martin Luuk.

Because I’m worth it! Premiere October 28 at the Klara stage. Tickets are released today.

Director and Choreographer Fredrik Benke Rydman has a residence at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre and this is the first of three different sets in the border between dance and theater. First out is a story about couple relationships, sex desire and love.

“I want to create a story with a history which really can be taken on. I am very interested in human primacy, in this set it is the focus on sexual activity – which is beautiful, but man must also fight it. Pure cognitive can the couple in the story separate the concept Love/Sex, but they are not prepared for the strong feelings that arise in them.
My hope is that the audience will really experience the story as a strong wind blowing straight out of the stage – it should feel in the stomach!

The residence at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre is an opportunity to test new concepts and challenge their borders, Fredrik mean.

– It feels luxurious to have the opportunity to create freely and work with the people I want, test my limits and find my own language and method of narrative. You have to bypass where it hurts, otherwise you will never get increased mobility, he says.


In the roles:
Rennie Mirro
David Dalmo
Piotr Giro
Emelie Jonsson
Sandra Medina
Lisette Pagler

Director and choreographer: Fredrik Benke Rydman
Manuscript: Martin Luuk
Scenography: Lars Östbergh
Costume: Lehna Edwall
Lighting design: Tobias Hallgren

Photographer: Andreas Lundberg

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