Power Woman Announce a New Range of Eco-Friendly Sportswear

By on November 23, 2019
Mother Earth Collection - Sustainable Premium Sportswear Made Of 80% Recycled PET Bottles

Sustainable Premium Sportswear Made Of 80% Recycled PET Bottles.

Power Woman believes in the power of women and the power of nature. Therefore, we are prouder than ever to announce a new range of eco-friendly sportswear. The Mother Earth collection is made from 80% recycled PET bottles, for a more sustainable planet. The collection is inspired by the 4 natural elements and nature forces: Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

“We have been to use recycled materials in our garments, but until now, these yarns have not been durable enough for our sportswear collections. Now we have found a material that works. The Mother Earth garments are just as ready for long-term use and reuse as the rest of our product range” – Power Woman founder Anna Wretling.

Environmental responsibility has been a top priority for Power Woman right from the start. This has included encouraging customers to reuse and recycle. Earlier this year, the company launched a secondhand sales Facebook group – Pass your power forward – that helps women sell, buy and exchange Power Woman garments.

Power Woman is committed to continuous improvements of its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The Mother Earth collection is part of this ongoing effort, as the brand continues to promote environmental awareness in all areas of the sportswear industry.

Mother Earth Collection comes in 3 pieces: Tights, top and shorts in the colors Leo Black and Leo Camel/Taupe and is perfect for training like yoga, gym and pilates. Supersaft and smooth material for the ultimate second-skin touch. Silky touch and lightweight for comfortable movement.

To create the Mother Earth collection, recycled everyday plastic bottles are transformed into polyester yarn.

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