Pork BBQ – summer’s dumpling is here!

By on June 30, 2018

Perfect for the summer, Beijing8 launches a new special dumpling, Pork BBQ. The new spicy and tasteful dumpling is perfect for warm summer days. Together with Beijing8’s green accessories, it’s a perfect picnic lunch to take to the park.

Beijing8 always has 8 different flavors on dumplings, one of which rotates by season. Pork BBQ is now launched on Monday, July 2 at all restaurants, but earlier this week, Beijing8 invited some of their most faithful guests and friends to try the Pork BBQ.

“Beijing8 has always been one of my favorite places, ranging from the atmosphere of the room to the awesome fresh food and great staff. Can after that clearly say that Pork BBQ is the new favorite. Will be back soon to eat a little more!”, says Olly Molander who had the opportunity to taste Pork BBQ.

“It’s really good, definitely new favorite! What I like most with Beijing8 is the atmosphere, the food of course and it feels fresh.” and “Supertasty! Good combination, sweetness against heat!”, says two other Beijing8 guests.

Beijing8 has its own dumpling production in Sweden, which enables it to develop new products quickly and efficiently in cooperation with suppliers and guests. Quality, taste and texture are of the utmost importance in the production of new dumplings.

Restaurant guests are welcomed Monday 2 July to try the new special dumpling Pork BBQ.

Hope to see you!

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm