Popular Ferlinstaty will be restored on June 13th

By on June 8, 2017

Now, the popular bronze statue over Nils Ferlin returns to its own square in the city. The statue has been kept in the city museum’s magazine while Klarabergsgatan has been renovated, but now the work at the square is finished and the statue will finally return to its place.

The statue is made by KG Bejemark and shows a smoking Nils Ferlin standing on the square next to a park bench. Nils Ferlin-Sällskapet took the initiative to raise the statue on the square at Klara church in September 1982.

The reinvention will include poetry reading, speech and music with troubadour. Participates do among others  trafikborgarråd Daniel Helldén and Nils Ferlin-Sällskapets chairman Tor Englund.

What: Reopening of the Nils Ferlin statue
When: June 13, at 11:00
Where: Nils Ferlin’s square at Klara church

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