Pontus Frithiof opens an innovative restaurant

By on June 2, 2017

Innovative, environmentally friendly and playful – when the restaurant keeper and entrepreneur Pontus Frithiof and Modis restaurants move into the newly built restaurant of the Technical Museum, it is a sustainable future at the center. It will be a colorful environment with many innovative solutions to inspire innovation and climate smart choices. As a new sustainability partner for the museum, the energy company E.ON will ensure efficient resource utilization, green electricity and recycling of food waste.

Now Pontus Frithiof and Modis Restaurants present the concept of the new dining experience in Northern Djurgården. Tekniska by Pontus becomes the name of a brand new restaurant that opens in completely renovated premises at the Technical Museum this fall. Together with the restaurant keeper, the museum wants to invite visitors to an experience that Breathe sustainability, future, playfulness and innovation.

Our restaurant will be a place for our visitors to get energy and inspiration for new discoveries, exploration and future innovations. It is created with children and young people in focus – a group that often has a great commitment to the environment and sustainability, while at the same time having a strong future optimism and faith in new innovative solutions, says Peter Skogh, director of the museum.

Behind the menu concept stands the restaurant keeper Pontus Frithiof and Modis who have run several restaurants in Stockholm. For lunch there is a green buffet with pies, salads and baked vegetables, but also seasonal dishes such as Ricotta and spinach cannelloni, crushed potatoes or salmon taco with grilled asparagus. The Technical Museum attracts around 300,000 visitors a year and counting 500-700 guests a day at the restaurant. In addition to the restaurant, new rooms are also created for meetings, parties and evening courses in technology, cooking, sauces, baking and wine.

– Tekniska by Pontus is really a dream project for us. We have received inspiration from all over the world, found on smart solutions to reduce environmental impact and are convinced that cooperation with the Technical Museum and all smart, curious and creative visitors will be an everlasting source of inspiration for us, says Pontus Frithiof, owner and founder Pontus Group.

In order to guarantee green energy, efficient use of electricity and water and the waste to be used, the Technical Museum is now also initiating cooperation with the energy company E.ON as a sustainability partner for the entire museum.

E.ON is in the process of creating the new energy landscape, where we control our own consumption and production, and the share of renewable and recycled energy is growing. The energy solutions of the future are innovative and sustainable, so it is obvious that we want to help inspire children and young people about how we change our energy systems, says Fredrik Rosenqvist, Head of Business Innovation at E.ON.

If we continue to live as we do in Sweden today, we would need more than four globes. Many of the changes we can make in everyday life are about the food – for example, eating near-produced, more vegetables and legumes and less but better meat, but also how we plan, cook and take advantage of food leftovers, which the guests will be engage in several different ways during their restaurant visit.

Tekniska by Pontus is expected to open in September 2017 in completely new premises at the Technical Museum in Stockholm.

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