Plan B releases the new single “In The Name Of Man”

By on May 21, 2017

The British bohemian Ben Drew, or Plan B as he is more famous as, premiered on wednesday’s his new single “In The Name Of Man” at Mistajam’s Show. The single is from his forthcoming fourth studio album and is the first that the talented artist/actor/director releases in five years time.

Together with the new music video coming out next week, Plan B also releases a “Making Of” video explaining its inspirations and what motivated him for the creation. Music video shows dolls that play different moving stories, such as people kicked out of their homes.

The video is a collaboration between Plan B himself and Flabbergast Theater, a small company that he first encountered during their performance in Angel, London. Their way of working with dolls is a lot about the little movements to show great emotions and make them feel very alive. This inspired Plan B then their dynamics and the way of telling a story functioned perfectly to his heartbreaking single.

This is how Plan B describes the video himself:

“The only power we have as artists is to create a catalyst that sparks a conversation on a wider scale, and I know the media already do that, but they so often do it in a way that caters to the political views of an intended audience. Whereas art comments on these issues from a more sincere point of view, with its only agenda being to make you feel some emotion from the information it’s conveying to you. In essence, connect with your heart, not just your head. The more music, film and literature there is out there that appeals to better nature of our humanity, and makes us think about our actions, the better informed we’ll be when we find ourselves in situations where we have a moral choice to make, and hopefully, help us make the right one.”

Plan B will appear for the first time in 5 years during Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull, England on May 27, where he will headline’a “Where It Begins” scene.

Ben Drew is truly a unique figure in the music world, as his versatile creativity is infinite. The raw and hot debut album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words opened completely new doors to the hip hop world in Britain when released in 2006. A loud, magnificent and vulgar cry of anger and pride that filled the streets of East London. But a part of him kept still stuck to the soul music he heard as a child, as you can hear in Plan B’s other album, The Defamation Of Strickland Banks, where he perfectly merges the two styles. The album has collected a 4x platinum certification and became a # 1 album sold over 1.4 million copies in the UK. In addition, he has won both a BRIT award and three Ivor Novellos for the album. In 2012, he released his third album, and made his directing debut, iLLManor’s is the visual album’s name that merges his rap with captivating stories about socio-political issues. Even this time he was nominated for his fifth BRIT Award and ended up again #1 on the UK album toplist.

Listen to “In The Name Of Man” here >>

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