Pippi moves into Junibacken

By on April 4, 2018

Junibacken at Djurgården in Stockholm has signed an agreement with Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag. This means that the Juniback has already to early summer pulled up the curtain of the theater premiere in Villa Villekulla with Pippi in the lead. It is also the starting point for an effort to highlight the author Astrid Lindgren and convey the image of her as the unique author she was. Thus, her books, characters and writings will play a more central role in Juniback’s offering starting this summer.

– The story to Sagotåget on Junibacken became the last text that Astrid Lindgren wrote and the last one she was reading in. Junibacken is therefore an incredibly important part of the legacy Astrid Lindgren left behind. We are so pleased that this new cooperation agreement has come into place, says Olle Nyman, CEO of Astrid Lindgren’s limited company and grandson of Astrid Lindgren.

– Pippi Longstocking is a great character that we all love and she is also one of the greatest in Astrid’s authorship. Pippi is a topical figure that has been and is important in the community debate, she is breaking the norm and always stands on the side of the children and shows that nothing is impossible, really all that Juniback stands for value-added. In the performances, we want to approach the version of Pippi as we think that Astrid thought and, with the help of her entire authorship, inspired children to take care of life and also wake up the desire to read. Villa Villekulla is also the final station for Sagotåget and the trip is now given a new dimension when Pippi moves in, says Björn Edlund, Junibacken’s CEO.

The story that takes the visitor on a magical journey through Astrid Lindgren’s authorship took two years to complete and since the launch it has been a definite favorite among visitors. An experience that is both beautiful, exciting and a bit sad.

– Astrid Lindgren was very careful of that Sagotåget and Villa Villekulla on Junibacken would maintain a high quality. Now that Junibacken is playing a new Pippi show at Villa Villekulla, we will work with Junibacken to make sure it meets Astrid’s high quality standards, says Malin Billing grandchild of Astrid Lindgren and theater director at the rights company.

Today’s visitor experience includes both children’s playgrounds from well-known books and own children’s theater and Sweden’s largest children’s bookstore, a circus restaurant and Sagotåget where you meet Madicken, Emil, Karlsson and several others by Astrid Lindgren’s beloved characters. So it will continue to be. All Junibacken makes is based on the children’s book, with the ambition to continue to create, stimulate and inspire the spirit of Astrid Lindgren, and our main mission is to awaken children’s desire for reading.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm