Photo Club | The Soundtrack of Our Files at Fotografiska

By on January 10, 2019

If your photographs were music, how would they sound? Copy some of your favorite pictures to the mobile and came to Fotografiska Wednesday, January 16th at 6pm.

David Lindberg, composer and musician educated at the Royal College of Music, composes some of the audience’s images live.

The theme of music and photography are other elements during the evening. There will be a short interview on the stage, we will do a scientific (nowadays) survey on how sound and image interact and a quick and easy quiz with prices.

→ Would you like David to put music to your image?
Make sure you have your picture in your smartphone, tablet or computer so you can email it when you are at Fotografiska. We do not receive pictures in advance. Otherwise, you do not need to do anything more than keep your thumbs in order for your particular image to be selected.

Photo Club | The Soundtrack of Our Files will be held at Fotografiska Wednesday 16 January 2019.

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