Photo award to Felix Oppenheim

By on December 28, 2016
In connection with the gastronomic week The Extraordinary Italian Taste arranged Italian National Tourist Office in Stockholm a photo exhibition on the theme of Italy – longing for the good table at Taverna Brillo. Felix Oppenheim was one of four selected photographers.

Adventure Photographer Felix Oppenheim’s photo from kayak trips on the canals of Venice was elected the most popular photograph in the exhibition. It was also awarded with the Italian National Tourist Office Photo price.

“We paddled a night of full moon through an almost ghostly empty Venice after a delicious dinner at a small restaurant where we pulled the kayaks on the dock next to the tables,” describes Felix. “Getting over the mighty Santo Stefanodomen double folded in a kayak belongs to my absolute coolest experiences. We paddled for three days.

The photograph from Venice’s canals are included in the series Venetian Reflections and are available in a limited signed edition, 1/5.

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