Personalized gut health solution is nearly 100% effective

By on June 8, 2018
Personalized prebiotic fiber based on monthly gut microbiome testing is nearly 100% effective at improving gut health after 4 months of use

Carbiotix, an award-winning spin-off company from the department of biotechnology at Lund University, Sweden focused on optimizing gut health via personalized dietary advice and prebiotics, today released the first 6-month aggregated results of its personalized prebiotic subscription service called PersonalGutTM. Nearly 100% of customers using PersonalGutTM experienced an improvement in their gut health after 4 months of using the service, with over 60% approaching an optimal gut health in this period.

Rather than avoiding certain foods that may cause gastrointestinal distress such is the case with low-FODMAP diets, Carbiotix approach focuses on training each person’s gut bacteria to consume more and more fiber over time, slowly increasing the daily dose of soluble fiber via a personalized diet or prebiotic supplement to a level that improves and eventually optimizes gut health. Gut health is measured by means of monthly gut microbiome tests and the company’s own gut health metric called the Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index. The end result is a gut flora that is much more diverse and stable, and much less sensitive to foods that may have previously caused discomfort. This stability may even prove to play an important role in early disease detection, with the company’s recent discovery that an optimized stable gut flora is highly sensitive to the onset of unexplained and sustained inflammation in the body.

“We leverage each person’s own host probiotic bacteria and thus the body’s own natural ability to improve and optimize gut health. This approach tries to respect 300,000 years of human evolution and mimic the diet humans had over 10,000 years ago where fiber represented a much larger portion of food consumed and where good gut bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria evolved to thrive under these conditions. There are many scientists who believe that a large number of leading metabolic and chronic diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, IBS, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, certain cancers and neurological diseases are a result of inflammation caused by the starving of these good gut bacteria and a disproportionate presence of pathogenic species, directly attributable to our modern diet lacking adequate fiber. The current results, although preliminary, are very encouraging and we will continue to build further confirmation of our efficacy as customers send in their monthly gut microbiome samples and our customer base grows,” says Carbiotix CTO, Peter Falck.

“It has taken years, if not decades, for many people to develop poor gut health, so asking our customers to be patient and spend 4 months to improve their gut health and a further couple of months to optimize their gut health is quite reasonable, especially given the effectiveness of the approach. We unfortunately had several customers who expected a quick-fix solution leave our service early on and we did not have the experience to explain when they would see an improvement. This is definitely not the case anymore and we now see very clear and common gut health patterns in this initial period and beyond,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook. “We truly believe that poor gut health, which reflects the state of most people today, is now a choice for many and that we have two simple, affordable and effective solutions to improve and optimize gut health, ultimately allowing people to realize the potential health benefits that may come as a result.”

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