Pernilla August directs Linn Ullmann’s De oroliga

By on October 15, 2018
Sören Vilks

Pernilla August debuts as theater director when she sets up Linn Ullmann’s success novel De oroliga at Dramaten. Karen-Marie Bille has dramatized the text to a play with three women’s roles played by Anita Ekström, Rebecka Hemse and Ingela Olsson. First performance on the Little Stage on November 1st.

The father and daughter are sitting with a tape player between them. The plan is a common book. But aging gets hold of the father and the conversation becomes unpredictable and fragmented. De oroliga are a playful and exploratory novel about a child who can not wait to grow up and about two parents that rather wants to be children.

– To me, you are De oroliga about the longing, but also about the art of taking goodbye when you have to. It is also a drama that explores what is memory and what is imagination. The daughter tries to understand her childhood, she wants to grow up and tries to sort her memories and put them in the place where they belong. In the sleepless night when memories overcome us, she is working on her relationship with both her mother and dad, says Pernilla August.

The novel became an international audience and critique success when it came out in 2016 (in Norwegian 2015) and has now been dramatized by Karen-Maria Bille to a play for three women’s roles.

Pernilla August is an actor and director. She has previously directed acclaimed films such as Svinalängorna (2010), Den allvarsamma leken (2016) and the Danish TV series Arvingarna that was broadcast on SVT. With De oroliga she debuts as theater director.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm