Pella Thiel Named The Environmental Hero Of The Year 2019 By The World Nature Fund WWF

By on October 4, 2019
This year's Environmental Hero 2019 in the Biological Diversity category, Pella Thiel, shares her prize with the strong movement that exists in Sweden and the world. Photo: Marie Sparreus

The World Wildlife Fund WWF appoints Pella Thiel, Vice Chairman of End Ecocide Sweden, as the Environmental Hero of the Year 2019 in the category of biodiversity. Pella works for nature’s own rights as well as to increase understanding and find nature’s significance for all people.

End Ecocide Sweden, is an organization that drives the issue of international legislation against large-scale environmental degradation. The organization was started in collaboration with EarthLaywer Polly Higgins (1968-2019). Pella Thiel is Vice-President of End Ecocide Sweden but also a Swedish expert in the United Nations United Nations Harmony with Nature and active in Nature rights in Sweden where a European node was formed, as part of The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature.

“Giving nature rights is an idea with an existential dimension. I am pleased that the work on ecocide legislation and the rights of nature is highlighted in this way by the World Wildlife Fund WWF. Nature’s rights are gaining ground quickly in the world and the award is important for the entire movement. from lawyers to activists, from indigenous peoples to churches.” – says Pella Thiel.

The nominee must have shown during the year:

  1. Courage to go against the current.
  2. Achieved something innovative with the potential to make a significant difference to the environment.
  3. Been an example and inspiration to others.
  4. The intervention must have mainly taken place outside working hours – on a voluntary basis.

Environmental hero of the year 2019 Pella Thiel, motivation:
“With a clear voice, the fire soul and debater Pella Thiel speak for nature’s important cause. In a clear and compelling way, she spreads the message of the natural rights of nature. voice for nature reaches across all borders all the way to the innermost heart of the UN.”

The award ceremony takes place on 11 October by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf, the prize is awarded by the World Nature Fund WWF.

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