Party Like It’s 2007-2011 at Debaser Strand

By on September 16, 2019

The club Party Like It’s 2007-2011 returns to Debaser Strand!

  • The summer we pumped “We No Speak Americano” at every sticky home party.
  • Rebecca and Fiona entered P3’s rotation lists and became the coolest we heard.
  • MGMT, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix saved the indie kids.
  • When we were waiting for Robyn’s “Body Talk” records as a letter in the mail.
  • And loved to love Oskar Linnro’s new pop costume.
  • When Timbaland, Lady Gaga, CeeLo Green and LMFAO topped the Digilists.
  • And M.I.A totally knocked down our previous music references.
  • Adrian Lux’s beats reached his chest.
  • Veronica Maggio sang in the stairs in the elevator in the hall.
  • And “It Spins In My Skull” became our eternal anthem.

And now what? We wake up in 2019 and turn on the nearest radio channel to be overwhelmed by lame pop and house music and it may well be ok but the sadness in us totally cuts for WHAT HAPPENED WITH ALL FAT MUSIC FROM 2007-2011?

But weep no more rivers, the chance is here and waiting for you. Come and dance just as liberated, uninhibited, sassy and unbeatably ugly as then – LET’S PARTY LIKE IT’S 2007-2011!

DJs – Typhonic Braincry & DJ Jada Groove
DJ Typhonic Braincry & DJ Jada Groove play discs on clubs and dance floors around Sweden. When they now take Debaser Strand with their club, it is with the music that, during the years 2007-2011, caused them to cry, sing, sweat and euphoria – and they want to get you to do the same.

Don´t miss out Party Like It´s 2007-2011 at Debaser Strand Saturday 21 September 2019!

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