Parkour lessons in schools

By on January 13, 2018

During the spring, Stockholm Children’s Club Association offers schools in Stockholm free parkour education. This in part to try to reduce the sedentary in children and also introduce a new sport for both students and teachers.

The idea behind free parkour lessons for schools in the city of Stockholm is that Stockholm Children’s Club Society wishes to introduce a new sport for students and teachers. As well as reducing sedentary in children. Stockholms Barnidrottsförening offers free lessons in parkour during both lesson time and breaks.

In consultation with the school, the association can send out a parkour trainer who, with the aid of a sports instructor, holds in parkour lessons for school students during their education in Sport and Health.

Parkour does not require that you have any special tools or clothes. The sport does not contain any competitions and can be exercised wherever you are.

– The idea is to inspire the children to move more on the breaks so they can more easily focus on the lessons. There is strong connection between sport and results, but there is not always time for organized sports lessons. Therefore, we believe that parkour can be something that allows children to exercise spontaneously, even if they only have a 15-minute break, said Bijan Zarrasvand, executive director at Stockholm Children’s Club Association.

The association also has the opportunity to let parkour coaches teach the students in parkour during their breaks at the schoolyard. The initiative was launched in the autumn and has received a very positive response according to Bijan Zarraswater.

– We have already had park tour lessons during sports lessons at, among others, Gustav Vasa School, Sköndals School and Lilla Adolf Fredrik School, he says.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Stockholm