Paralysie Générale Redux at Elverket

By on October 11, 2016

Twelve years after the first performance stands Reine Brynolfsson again on Elverket scene with the monologue that August Strindberg never wrote. Revival on 28 October.

“Since the community is built on broken agreements, that is, lies, the originally simple conditions have become so complex that the public lie become a standing necessity, a kind of implicit, that not without great dangers can be broken.

August Strindberg’s dramas have a special place in Swedish theater stages, but Strindberg wrote so much more than drama. What happens when you make performing arts even by the Strindberg texts that are not plays? The question got an answer when the actor Reine Brynolfsson and director and playwright Jacob Hirdwall pieced together texts from a variety of places from the author’s extensive oeuvreespecially his letters and short stories and created a new text on the basis of material. It became monlogen Strindberg never wrote. Now back at the Royal Dramatic Theatre for the first time since the first performance in 2004.

What the hell was I doing here?
I’m just wondering, what the hell would I here to do?”

By: Reine Brynolfsson
Director: Jacob Hirdwall and Reine Brynolfsson
Light: Mikael Moritz and Anders Österberg
Costumes: Barbro Hellsing

New premiered October 28, Elverket

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