“Pages” is displayed at Konsthantverkarna

By on October 27, 2016

The ceramic works Rylander show in this exhibition, is a result of his musings on the world’s real need for the creation of even more things. Rylander’s object comprises of gathered materials such as paper, wood, plastic and glass, combined with clay. Artistic research is reflected in the objects, where the unfired clay alludes to A4 sheets and writing process.

“To fill the world with several objects is not innocent. It is not a new idea, but if I want to continue to produce artistically in the ceramic material in what ways helps the idea me? One way may be to change something in my working method. That at a certain level in the process see other possibilities. In this case becomes the fingers work effort in the unfired clay, my final product. The exploration drives me forward. Kjell Rylander

The recasting of used items play a central role in Slotte’s work. She processes the found materials, mostly ceramic appliances, so that they have new meanings. The tension between the recognizable and enigmatic, the ordinary and the unexpected are recurring thematic issues. Slotte has a susceptibility to the associations, memories and stories that are inherent in the objects. With Slotte physical intervention in the material she gets us to see things we would not otherwise have spotted.

“I blast plate surface hard, I want to access the raw cullet located straks under the glaze. Again I become obsessed with the announcement, the process absorbs me – we can call it mania. I will remove layer by layer, release, make clear, clean.” Caroline Slotte

Vernissage October 29, at 12-16. Calls at 16:00

In connection with the opening, at 16, talks Kjell Rylander and Caroline Slotte about work, starting points and issues. You can book your place by sending an email to info@konsthantverkarna.se. Limited number of seats. No cost.

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