Östermalm’s Market Hall is soon ready for inauguration, with a sustainable future, quality and personal service.

By on September 13, 2019

In early 2020, it is time to inaugurate the restored and renovated market hall. Since April 2016, renovations have been underway and the original star-shaped floor plan from 1888 has been restored. Behind the renovation work stands the City of Stockholm and Tengbom’s architects.

It is the first time that Östermalm’s market hall has undergone a total renovation and restoration since its opening 131 years ago, the building’s typical character and cultural history values ​​as well as the original star-shaped floor plan.

Original details in colors, friezes, paintings and joinery have also been restored as well as the two older entrances via Nybrogatan and Humlegårdsgatan. The new floor plan means that the market hall is more spacious and provides a better flow with more natural walkways in the hall, which increases the commercial conditions for the traders.

The restaurants have been moved to the facade length and will also remain open during the evening. As a result, the urban space around the market hall will be more vibrant as the restaurant operations are visible from the street.

– We are very pleased with the confidence to work with one of Stockholm’s most rich buildings. Our ambition is and has been to restore the mall’s former brilliance as well as its warm and cozy atmosphere, and give it a new and modern expression, says Mark Humphreys, Tengbom.

The focus has been on making the hall environmentally friendly and sustainable, even those parts that are not visible to visitors. In the basement level, everything has been cleaned up and rebuilt to create an energy efficiency and better physical work environment for the staff through new improved systems for logistics, availability, goods and waste transport.

– With the newly renovated and restored mall, which will be a developed trading venue that breathes genuineness and contemporary, we hope to attract Stockholmers, tourists from all over Sweden and other parts of the world. The restaurants that are located at the facade length will make Östermalm’s market hall live well into the evening and create a wonderful atmosphere for the city life at Östermalm, concludes Ulf Elmqvist, chairman of the Östermalms Saluhall’s Association.

In the near future, it’s time for all dealers and restaurateurs, including two brand new and exciting tenants, to move in.

– Renovation of the mall is a major investment in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful buildings. It has been a long-standing project where the City of Stockholm has invested a lot of resources and is now starting to go for a landing. It will be very fun to have the hall open to the Stockholmers soon, says Dennis Wedin, housing and real estate civic council in Stockholm city.

The dealers in Östermalm’s sales hall are:

  • B. Andersson’s Eftr. Bird & Wildlife
  • Beirut Café Deli, Betsy Sandberg Chocolate
  • Husmans Deli, Lisa Elmqvist Fish
  • Seafood, Delicatessen & Restaurant
  • Lisbeth Janson Fruits & Vegetables
  • M Seger Eftr. Meat & Cheese
  • Melanders Fish & Game
  • Nybroe Smørrebrød
  • Planet Mesh
  • Robert’s Coffee
  • Texas Longhorn
  • Silent Mari
  • Wellme
  • Willy Ohlsson’s Eftr

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