Opulens announces a novel contest! Theme: Summer anxiety

By on March 29, 2018
Sasin Tipchai

Perhaps you already feel at the beginning of June a worry about how to enjoy the holidays that are happening? Perhaps you think that the summer months, with juice kalas in the syrenbersån, shining sun and refreshing baths, are also full of unreasonable performance requirements and dark underlying string?

The magazine Opulens now announces a novel competition on the theme “Summer Anxiety”. The length per story should be 3 to 6 A4 pages (9,000-18,000 characters with spaces) and may not previously be published.

Eight writers will be choosen and presented in the magazine during the summer, as we also publish the winning contributions. Those in first, second and third places receive a graphic sheet of Opulens Melker Garay as well as a cap and bag with our logo. Those who takes 4-8th prize get Opulens publisher’s first novel, Telegrammet från New York, instead of a blackboard.

Contributions are mailed to novelltavling@opulens.se and can be sent until 3 June.

Helena Olofsson, Cultur & Music