Opticians without borders will help needy in Peru

By on February 2, 2017

81,540, so many glasses have Swedish people gathered via Synoptiks stores to aid organization Opticians without borders. On March 25, go opticians from Synoptics to Peru to help thousands of children and adults with eye exams and glasses. The collection is the largest of its kind in Sweden.

– Poor eyesight is a major problem for millions of people worldwide. Through Opticians without borders we can make a big difference, especially for all the children who comes behind in school because they can not see good enough. For them, a pair of glasses provide a better opportunity for education and a way out of poverty, says Lottie Funck Ekelund, marketing director of the Synoptics.

On March 25, travel a group of optometrists and assistants from the Synoptics to Peru for two weeks to help the needy with eye exams and glasses. Of those they helping is approximately 60 percent women and one in five are children and young adults.

Last year collected Opticians without borders in 71,085 glasses which resulted in help to thousands of people in Nicaragua. This year, the Swedish people donated even more of their old but functioning glasses to Opticians without borders. The trip to Peru takes place 25/3-7/4.

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