One night about: Science Fiction

By on November 13, 2017

Science fiction stories are some of our time’s most popular and attract great audience and reader crowds throughout the world. Due to the forthcoming movie in the Star Wars serie (The Last Jedi, December 2017), we deepen in the genre as a phenomenon and discuss the mythological and cultural history of George Lucas universe.

Why is science fiction so popular? What does the sci-fi history look like? Which books and movies have been groundbreaking? What subgeners are there? Which of the museum’s objects and exhibitions tells about the myths and motives that underlie Star Wars?

In addition to panel calls and views, the evening offers mingles, music, “nerd tests”, costume competitions and Star Wars quiz.

Food and beverage are served in the Matmekka Restaurant, the museum’s own Mos Eisley Cantina.
In the evening of glory you can buy Chewbacca bites and Yoda soda!

Location: Ethnographic Museum, Museum Park Gärdet
When: 22 Nov at 17:30 to 22:00
Price: 80 kr

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Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm