Oh la la, now can whole Sweden offer French mingle!

By on October 26, 2018

Winter’s all parties stand for the door and smart shortcuts make it possible to relax in Christmas. 51% of Swedes want more time to socialize during Christmas holiday and with Picards delicacies, the food is ready in no time. Picard is France’s largest chain of frozen premium food and, in addition to 11 own stores in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg, there are now selected products from Picard to find in the freezer counters at ICA. Now Picard presents its news for Christmas’s festivals, and the French picking food is perfect for mulled wine mingling, family gatherings and new year’s eve.

– The French are skilled at to enjoy both a lot and a long time of good company and nice ingredients. Picard’s popularity in France also shows that many gladly take smart shortcuts in the kitchen. In Sweden, Picard’s products were previously available only in our own stores, but parts of our range have now been moved to ICA stores from north to south. It should be easy to invite mingle and fill life with a little more oh la la, says Knut Faremo, Nordic owner Picard.

In Picard’s range, there are about 700 items to choose from and can easily be obtained from the freezer if necessary. It’s easy when guests get more than expected or if someone wants to come by spontaneously on coffee. The assortment includes mingle food, starters, main courses, all kinds of ingredients and a fantastic range of desserts. Picard’s dishes have been frozen immediately after cooking and are wastage smart, completely free of preservatives and always “fresh”. Christmas news is a wonderful mix of French appetizers, Christmas candies and desserts.

– By offering delicious farrago and a nice salad to the finished pie, everything feels like home cooking. Christmas is for to socialize, I hope more people like to get a little calmer this year and to enjoy in a true French way, voila, says Knut Faremo.

Some of the year’s news:

Half-moon canapés with duck liver, 8 pieces 99,95 kr

These Christmas news is as beautiful as they are good. The moons consist of ank liver served on the almond bottom with a cover of sour passion and mango jelly. As well as a moon of chocolate.

Mini rolls with truffles and comté, 8 pieces 99,95 kr

The goody pieces are a dream for anyone who likes truffles. It consists of a bottom of Comtécheese, a cream of marscarpone cooked with truffle and finally decorated with a slice of summer truffle.

Santa Claus sledge with ice cream 520 g 199,95 kr

Santa Claus chocolate sleigh is filled with presents and contains ice cream with dark chocolate, luxury vanilla ice cream, chocolate biscuits and hazelnuts.

Santa Claus coats, 8 pieces 89,95 kr

These sweet Santa Clauses have a thin biscuit bottom, smooth strawberry jelly, a chocolate ribbon and an exquisite beard of whipped cream.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage