Oaxen Slip launches solo eating for business travelers

By on January 26, 2019

Eating on your own is often a part of everyday life for business travelers. A different solo eating is available at Oaxen Slip. In autumn 2018, Oaxen launched Slip SOLO on Fridays for those who wanted or needed to eat out on their own. Now SOLO will also open on Wednesdays to reach those who are in Stockholm during the working week.

With SOLO, Oaxen Slip offers all solo eaters a context where solo is the norm. All you have to do is book your place, company and menu will be a surprise. SOLO is a so-called “sharing meal” that serves as a family dinner where you share the whole table. There is only one requirement, you have to come alone – no colleagues, no customers or friends.

Business travelers often work at a high pace with travel, meetings and deadlines when they are on a business trip. On the other hand, without the everyday life of the home, they have more time for socializing, culture and restaurant visits. Often, it is still fast food or something simple in the hotel in the company of mobile, computer or TV. Some reasons are lack of time, few friends in place or that you feel uncomfortable with going out and eating on your own.

“As much as a quarter of the business travelers state that they are looking for contexts where they can eat together with others. Eating out on their own is a problem for many as the culture has not existed in Sweden before and that competence to care for alone eaters is lacking.” This says Joachim Sundqvist, a researcher at Umeå University, who is currently conducting the research project “Eating out – a study of visitors’ activities related to food and meals.”

“Those who are in Stockholm for business often eat dinner on their own. We want to create a place where they can do it together.” says Agneta Green, one of the founders of Oaxen Krog and Slip. “SOLO is an opportunity to sit down to enjoy good food and interesting company.”

OAXEN SOLO is on Wednesdays and Fridays at Oaxen Slip.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm