NRJ is the official music partner to Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run

By on February 25, 2017

Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 has through cooperation with NRJ Sweden built a great foundation for a complete and professional selection for this event.

NRJ is a strong brand in the modern music world. Through this collaboration, we have a partner with a strong passion for music and events that suit us very well when we will implement the City Line’s race. With NRJ as a partner, we are confident that we have the best possible entertainment for all our participants, says Tomas Hoszek, CEO of Lidingöloppet.

NRJ will ensure that race participants receive the right music at the right time, and will also actively participate in the event with several runners from its operations and conduct interviews before and during the race.

Lidingöloppet has application to the Swedish Transport Administration had the opportunity to use the City Line service and evacuation tunnel arena for the race Stockholm Tunnel Run – City Line. The race is arranged March 25th and will be approximately 7.6 km.

Exercise race Tunnel Run Stockholm City Line will only happen once, then the tunnel will remain closed to the public. Participants will have an unforgettable experience while running.

– We see this event as an obvious participation from our side. We are currently the leading radio brand with over 28 million listeners per week and we always aim to be seen and heard on the fun events. This race is just such where we get the opportunity to expose us with interesting target groups and we look forward to pep and cheer on all participants with NRJ Hits, said Mark Iglesias, marketing manager for NRJ Sweden.

Lidingöloppet arranges Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 which is performed March 25, 2017. The race is about 7.6 km long, of which 6 kilometers are located below ground in the new tunnel at the city line. The race has space for about 40,000 runners, the race starts at the Karolinska Institute and the goal is at Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm. Co-organizer is Midnattsloppet.
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