Now we reveal the autumn season at Dansens Hus

By on May 5, 2017

Four Swedish first performance. A Canadian icon and a nice visit from Athens. There are some of the autumn’s ingredients at Dansens Hus. In addition, no less than three of Sweden’s biggest and most influential choreographers will be shown in the season: Virpi Pahkinen, Cristina Caprioli and Gunilla Heilborn.

It’s amazingly exciting to introduce these three veterans to our big stage, says Annelie Gardell, theater director of Dansens Hus. All three are choreographers in constant travel and here exploration of time, memory and genres. The foreign guest games are exclamation points in our contemporary times. Alain Platel with the urgent meaning: Do not fall asleep! Be awake! Dimitris Papaioannou leans on Greek philosophy and allows a man to step out of his grave to rediscover the world. Marie Chouinard paraphrases our time with Hieronymous Bosch’s hellish chaos. And on the small stage there will be a touch of striptease.

First out of these three giants are Cristina Caprioli on September 14 and 15, presenting her “A Line_Up” on our main stage. A crowd of dancers stand in line to sing and dance their – and ours – dreams and fears. The classic musical A Chorus Line has been picked apart and became A Line_up – tricky songs, captivating stories and swag out of step. The choreographer Cristina Caprioli provides space for entertainment that dances in line with choreography of our time.
(14-15 Sep Main Stage)

I work within choreography of our time, and is fascinated by the genre of music. And despite being critical of all “entertainment” in terms of fast consumption, conventional narratives, stereotypes and sentimental glitter, I’m amazed at the musical entertainment power, says Cristina Caprioli.

On October 27 has Gunilla Heilborn first performance on her new work “The Wonderful and the Ordinary”. Why are some memories so strong and sharp, while others are just forgotten? And is it true that we remember the beautiful and extreme more than the ordinary everyday?
The performance “The Wonderful and the Ordinary” is a collaboration between Gunilla Heilborn and the Austrian Theater Im Bahnhof and includes three dancers and three actors who together will use film, music, song, dance and lyrics to explore the palaces of memories. (27-28 Oct, Main Stage)

Last out of the three is Virpi Pahkinen. It’s been four years since last, but at the end of November she’s finally back on Dansens Hus main stage. This time with the first performance of the new work “Deep Time” – a full evening night with Virpi Pahkinen herself and an ensemble preparing for a dive down in the endless depth of time.
“Deep Time” moves in music archeology as well as its vibrant contemporary. From the bronslurens melancholic primal
sounds to droning heavy electronic clouds. An iconic calm rests over the scene. The hourglass strainers seconds and century. In one shot, the drapery is pulled away and behind is a chaos of bodies in a stroboscopic shimmer. (24-26 Nov, Main Stage)

French street dance has been a element of several previous seasons at Dansens Hus. In the fall, we present the hip hop company Chute Libre, which is now debuting on our main stage with its own urban version of Stravinsky’s “Våroffer”, titled “In Bloom”. There is not the traditional female sacrifice to the gods, but instead a family (“tribe”) who drops and blossoms together. Each dancer in the company represents a hip hop style, here in a contemporary context. (21-22 Sep Main Stage)

Last fall was the Belgian company Les Ballets C de la B at Dansens Hus with the energetically infectious “Badke”. In September, the critically acclaimed company returns, but this time with a completely different tone and theme. The founder of the company, the choreographer Alain Platel, takes nine dancers to Stockholm to perform the dark dystopian “nicht schlafen”.
A work inspired by Gustav Mahler’s music and the time he lived in the beginning of last century; A Europe filled with anxiety, persecution and nationalism – not completely different to today’s society. On a pile of dead horses clashes the dancers in a dance of life and death. (September 26-27, Main Stage)

Marie Chouinard is one of the contemporary dance icons. 2012, she filled the house of the Dance to the breaking line with her work “Body Remix Goldberg Variations”. Now she is back with a dreamlike scene filled with the famous hell’s portrayal Hieronymous Bosch painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. Heaven, hell and life there between depicted by ten dancers who give the surrealistic painting life outside the picture frame. (20-21 Oct Main Stage)
Just as a choreographer can start with a piece of music in order to create, I am starting with the painting by Bosch. And just as a choreographer can choose to “stick” to a musical score (or not), I have chosen to “stick” to Bosch’s painting, its spirit. The joy of bowing before a masterpiece!,” says Marie Chouinard.

In 2015, Dimitris Papaioannou made a big success at Dansens Hus with the performance “Still Life”.
Now he makes a long-awaited revisit to Stockholm. This time with the all-new work “The Great Tamer”. The performance has been co-produced by among other’s Dansens Hus and has it first performance in Athens in late May. In early November, it is Stockholm’s turn. (8-10 Nov Main Stage)

What do you expect to see when you go to a dance show called Striptease? In the Catalan choreographer Pere Faura’s stand-up monologue “Striptease”, the theater and stripe’s conventions are placed side by side. With humor and surprises, the seductive relationship between audience and stage performer is all the way around. (23-24 Nov, Small Stage)
The performance is part of Dansnät Sweden’s offering and will tour the country. In connection with the performance, Dansens Hus will conduct a project where Swedish choreographers will reveal their own thoughts and movements.

From the Swedish dance and new circus scene, in addition to Cristina Caprioli, Gunilla Heilborn and Virpi Pahkinen, the following will be shown in the autumn:

Sebastian Lingserius. First performance September 8 with the work “Kroppsmaskiner”. A contemporary analysis and performance that speculate on alternative living conditions, with hybrids, cyborgs, rats, queer chauvinists, and childish adult children. We promise delicate dancers, movies, surveillance cameras, robots and radio-controlled armor waggons, in a large jitter bug. Welcome to the dance and the body’s Reality machines! (8-9 Sep, Small Stage)

In September 2016, the live art collective MELO made three sold out performances of “Tillhet” – a musical artistic experience aimed primarily at young people in special school. Now they are back with a new season in September. (19-21 Sep, Small Stage)

It has been time for director Olle Strandberg to end his trilogy about life after the crash. This fall his new performance “Under” is presented at Dansens Hus – a new circus show of human in relation to wind and weather. The performance has it’s firts performance in Västerås, September 14th, and then comes directly to Dansens Hus for a two week long period. The performance is a collaboration between Cirkus Cirkör and Västmanland Theater. (3-15 October, Main Stage)

We met him this autumn as a choreographer for the Cullberg Ballet’s production “Protagonist”. Now, Jefta van Dinther is back at Dansens Hus in a smaller, exclusive format on the small stage. On October 24, he is premiere for the work “Dark Field Analysis” with the dancers Roger Reyner Sala and Juan Pablo Cámara. In “Dark Field Analysis” highlights the heightened sense of being alive by setting humanity in relation to other forms of life. A whirlwind conversation occurs between two naked men on a rug; blood becomes the red thread in the show. (24-26 October, Small Stage)

In 2017, the Balett Academy turns 60 years. This is celebrated with a big party on 4 November at Dansens Hus’s main stage. To the evening’s anniversary show, the country’s choreographer elite will be invited to make shorter works for the school’s students. (Nov. 4 Main Stage)

Choreographer Claire Parsons and her company comes to Dansens Hus with a whole new performance for the whole family: “Signal”. First performance: November 5th.
– SIGNAL is about what we do not see. About invisible communication that we take for granted. What we primarily experience in ways other than the habitual. What is it? Says Claire Parsons.
The performance is played for both the public and as a school performance. (November 5-7, Small Stage)

After five weeks of sold out houses in autumn 2016 is Fredrik “Benke” Rydman’s “Nutcracker” back in November and December 2017 to again take the 18th century classic Nutcracker into the 20st century..
“It’s not possible to close your eyes for the situation in Europe today, so I chose to let the Nutcracker deal with children who miss their parents, but in an imaginative, scary, fun and crazy way. A modern saga.” says Fredrik Benke Rydman. (Nov-Dec Main Stage)

What happens when people from all over the globe gather and learn the unsystematic, preposition-filled, sje audio loving language Swedish? “Ursäkta oss” is a screwed and humorous dance performance by choreographer Khamlane Halsackda; A total experience that forces you to meet your own beliefs about identity, togetherness and integration.
The performances tour with Dansnät Sverige and is a co-production between Dansnätet all parties, including Dansens Hus. (16-18 Nov, Small Stage)

The dance autumn in chronological order:

Sebastian Lingserius (SWE) “Kroppsmaskiner”
8-9 September, Small stage

Cristina Caprioli (SWE) “A Line_Up”
14-15 September Main stage

MELO (SWE) “Tillhet”
19-21 September Small stage

Chute Libre (FRA) “In Bloom”
21-22 September Main stage

Les Ballets C de la B (BEL) “nicht schlafen”.
September 26-27, Main stage

Circus Cirkör/Västmanlands Teater (SWE) “Under”
3-15 October Main stage

Marie Chouinard (CAN) “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.
20-21 October Main stage

Jephta van Dinther (SWE) “Dark Field Analysis”
24-26 October, Small stage

Gunilla Heilborn (SWE) “The Wonderful and the Ordinary”.
27-28 October, Main stage

Ballet Academy 60 years (SWE)
November 4th Main stage

Claire Parsons (SWE) “Signal”
November 5-7, Small stage

Dimitris Papaioannou (GRE) “The Great Tamer”.
8-10 November Main stage

Khamlane Halsackda (GBR / SWE) “Ursäkta oss”
16-18 November Small stage

Fredrik “Benke” Rydman (SWE) “Nutcracker”
16 Nov-31 December, Main stage

Pere Faura (SPA) “Striptease”
23-24 November, Small stage

Virpi Pahkinen (SWE) “Deep Time”
24-26 november Main stage

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