Now starts “History Sandwich”

By on March 20, 2017

Why is digitizing more real than reality? What is the secret behind the museum authority LSH’s strong trip to today’s visitor record? How can a juicy story about an unlikely treasure hunt as part of the museum’s communication of knowledge?

On three occasions during the spring invites the Royal Armoury into a series of lectures under the name History Sandwich where you can listen to a present and exciting museum topic at lunch and the opportunity to meet some of the museum’s profile and eat a sandwich. Preferred takes place on Wednesdays, 22 March, 29 March and 26 April in the the Royal Armoury auditorium, Slottsbacken 3.

Open up collections using digital tools!

Karin Nilsson, head of the assembly and digitizing device on the museum authority LSH, talks about the digitization of new roads and facilities, and its importance to our heritage and shared history. The authority currently has about 55,000 images in its archive and which is also available on Wikimedia and has been viewed more than 79 million times!

Wednesday, March 22, at 12- 12:45.

Daily News from the museum front

Meet outgoing senior curator Magnus Hagberg. What has his almost 9-year mandate to oversee the museum authority LSH – the Royal Armoury, Skokloster with the Foundation Hallwyl meant? What is the secret behind today’s record-breaking attendance figures? And what about the future?

Wednesday, 29 March 12 March at 12:45.

Karl XIII’s treasure hunt in Old Town

Royal Armoury curator Jonas Lindwall is one of those that among other things is behind the museum’s successful work in social media. Here he tells a fantastic – but completely true story, about Karl XIII’s secret treasure hunt in Old Town and about how a juicy story could take place in the museum’s knowledge dissemination.

Wednesday, April 26, at 12- 12:45.

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