Now is HUSH FOREVER’s debut album here!

By on June 17, 2017

First he broke the pattern, then he found his own expression. Malmö artist Sebastian Lilja released yesterday, June 16th, the first album with his project HUSH FOREVER.

The debut album “Find the gap” is recorded on Ibiza and contains the first singles “Something/Nothing” and “Bubbi John” plus nine other songs, including “Life is a black curtain”, which in 2016 was heard in the love comedy “Jag älskar dig” with among others Björn Kjellman and Christine Meltzer.

HUSH FOREVER’s unique sound consists of a warm, welcoming, meditative and intimate feeling, where the voice is embedded in a sound landscape with acoustic instruments that contrast with electronic environments. When Hush Forever invites to their universe of tones, the listener moves for a while to a world beyond this!

Find the gap

The debut album, published both digitally and on vinyl, is about just like the title suggests finding the gap between brain and heart, human and environment, landing and founding in a deeper way. He did just that during his stay in Ibiza. He built a studio on top of a hen house near the house and the recordings of the debut album could begin.

– It was a perfect place for creation. The landscape and the light are pure inspiration. There are people from all over the world who have a significant presence in the present. I’m another person now, says Sebastian.

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