Now English speakers can give blood in Stockholm

By on January 12, 2019
Björn Eklund


In order for it to be certain that both giving and receiving blood, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations, there must be no risk of linguistic misunderstandings in connection with health declaration and interview prior to blood donation. Therefore, it has so far only been possible to give blood in Swedish. Now, the Blood Center in Stockholm has the opportunity for English-speaking persons with Swedish personal identification numbers to give blood.

“More blood donors are needed. A large number of people live in Stockholm for a long time, but do not speak Swedish. We welcome them. Many English speakers have long expressed a desire to give blood to contribute to patients in the health care sector,” says Maria Kvist, a medically responsible doctor at the Blood Center in Stockholm County.

Blood donation staff at the Blood Center in Stockholm during the autumn of 2018 were trained in medical English. Health declarations and information material have been translated.

On January 16, 2019, we receive the first blood donors in English.

Here you can give blood in English

Initially, it will be possible to give blood in English on Wednesdays at 8-15 at Blodcentralen Hötorget, Sveavägen 20 in the underground plane. Then there are several English-speaking nurses in place.

Swedish social security number and Swedish ID document are requirements for traceability in accordance with the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations 2009:28.

More information and telephone numbers are available here>>

Every day, about one hundred liters of blood is used in the healthcare in the county. Blood is a fresh product and lasts only for six weeks. It cannot be manufactured artificially. More blood donors are needed in Stockholm County.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Stockholm