Now decides Danskarusellen Stockholm 2017!

By on April 23, 2017

16 groups of hundreds of dancers have participated in Danskarusellen Stockholm’s tour and competition during the spring to develop as dancers and stage personages. They have demonstrated skill and creativity in a variety of styles – from k-pop, breaking and dance hall to jazz and modern dance. The last stop, the tour festival is taking place at the Arena Satellite in Sollentuna on Walpurgis night, April 30th. It determines which two contributions that goes ahead to the national finals in Karlstad on 27 May.

For the third consecutive year has Danskarusellen toured Stockholm County. All participator’s contributions have been guaranteed at least three stage occasions during the tour, a unique opportunity to develop as dancers and stage personality. A jury consisting of the dancers and choreographers Rut Roos, Clara Björck and David ‘Fowkus’ Rigo have followed the groups and their development in the spring to give them feedback that they could use in the development of their appearances between the tour stop.

The first tour stop was conducted at the Tumba stage in Botkyrka with a packed lounge and a rush start with exciting performances by the participating groups. In addition was Botkyrka county choreographers, the dance collective JUCK, there during the break and inspired with their performance that lifted the ceiling.

The second tour stop landed at the Porten/Jordbro Cultural and Association Hall, also there with a packed lounge. Many had also worked hard on their numbers and the jury was amazed at the developments that the groups made between the tour stop.

Now remains the third and last tour stop that will determine which two contributions will go on and get to ride the tourbus to the national finals, which will be held at the Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad on 27 May. It is both the jury’s judgment and the audience’s votes that determine which the two winners in Stockholm will be in 2017.

The dance group ABZORB was appointed to public favorites at both the tour stop at the Tumba stage in Botkyrka and at the Porten/Jordbro Cultural and Association Hall.

– Do you think you will cut one of the final places?

We hope we will do it and rehearsal to the fullest to be as good as possible. But the resistance is tough so we just hope for the best! No matter how it goes, all groups have done a great job and everyone deserves to go to the final!

– Do you have any ace in your sleeve even for this time?

– Maybe we have! We do not want to reveal anything before the last tour stop. What we can say is that we really took care of the jury’s feedback and rehearsal to top our latest performance.

– How has it been to participate in Danskarusellen so far?

– Fun and challenging! It has been very rewarding to get feedback from the jury so you know what you need to work on, but also what’s good!

– We spend a little extra on the last tour, for example, more inspirational acts; Linn Fletcher who won Create Dance Stockholm County 2016 comes there and shows a new piece. The group PACE, who won both the prize of the audience and the jury’s honorary prize at the Create Dance Stockholm County 2016, is making their show on Danskarusellen at Walpurgis night. In addition, the dance collective ÖFA comes with ÖFA: Danceoke, so that the audience also gets the opportunity to swing a little while in the break. But, above all, I think we will see 100 skilled and hungry dancers who will make the night a real nail bite, says Camilla Reppen, head of the Danskarusellen in Stockholm. She continues:

– It is the learning and development that is the focus of the dancers participating. Study promotion is constantly trying to expand the content of the tour with more opportunities for the participants to meet and develop together. Which also has been clearly shown during the tour! They have really worked between the tour stop to sharpen and advance their numbers. It has also been very fun to experience the peppy atmosphere between the groups in the spring.

Camilla thinks Danskarusellen is a great activity for performing the education project the Study promotion has; To support people to grow and develop together with others based on their interests.

Sunday April 30th, 15:30 – 19:30 at the Arena Satellite in Sollentuna, you can see the 16 acts of Danskarusellen Stockholm who are struggling to cut a final spot for the national finals in Karlstad. Come and highlight your favorite! Free entrance.

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