Norna, a Swedish AI start-up, presents the first AI-designed kitchen in history

By on February 7, 2019
An image of the World’s first AI-designed kitchen.

The digital World is undergoing a dramatic transformation driven by the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence. The end-user is empowered, and forward-looking companies will be winners.

As a part of this transformation the Swedish AI start-up Norna today presents the World’s first AI-designed kitchen. FarGo, which is the proprietary AI core of Norna, was fed with large amounts of data on kitchen and interior decoration trends and designs, together with the style preferences of one end user, and combined this into the best designed kitchen that it could imagine. 

FarGo has been created by an international team of AI-experts and includes AI-technologies applied within autonomous systems for self-driving cars. Norna is currently engaged in a project together with the innovative kitchen manufacturer Picky Living on implementation of FarGo in Picky Living’s on-line store.

To be continued! 

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