Nordic Museum lit light at big premiere day

By on November 3, 2016

Saturday, October 29 went the starting shot for the Nordic museum delving into the theme of Nordic light. Looking ahead, the museum is filled by an exhibition and a series of items on the agenda of our relationship to light and darkness, both nature’s own and what we create. Premiere Day, a day of free admission and open invitation attracted visitors of all ages to the museum on Djurgården in Stockholm.

It has been a fantastic day and atmosphere! Our relationship with the Nordic light and dark is an exciting starting point for the museum, depicting life in Sweden and the Nordic countries. It’s something we have in common and it is clear that it interests and concerns many, says Sanne Houby-Nielsen, ruler.

In addition to the journey from darkness into electricity, music, food, shadow plays and lighting effects to sunset 16:59, visitors could experience the exhibition part 350 luminous object, a tellurium, 50m bank of clouds, a sun, a moon, a moon street, 36 sun loungers and a simulated northern lights.

Nordic light lasts for at least a year and the number of programs points with light theme will follow in the autumn and winter. Among other “Halloween holiday“, Lucia celebration with community singing and lecture series on the history of light, lighting effects and the importance of light in traditions.

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