Nixon in China

By on September 24, 2016

A modern classic called the most influential new opera and the first opera in our time that depict a contemporary political event. On October 1st, Nixon in China premieres at the Royal Swedish Opera. The music is written by John Adams, the world’s most frequently performed American composer of contemporary classical music.

The year is 1972, and for the first time an American president travels to communist China. A week-long visit that would change world history. The world premiere of Nixon in China was held in Houston in 1987, directed by Polar Prize winner Peter Sellars. Librettist is Alice Goodman and this production is directed by Michael Cavanagh and is a collaboration with the Vancouver Opera.

Chief conductor Lawrence Renes took the initiative for the Stockholm production. Lawrence is one of those who has conducted the largest number of works by John Adams in the world.

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