Night orienteers premiere December 3

By on November 25, 2016

Yvonne Lombard and Meta Velander, the theater and the audience’s grand old ladies, meet again on stage. This time as the night orientation, and reluctantly girlfriends, Vera and Bricken in Kristina Lugns masterpiece Night orienteers. Premiere, December 3 at Klarascenen, Culture City Theatre. Directed by Eva Dahlman.

Bricken and Vera meet in the woods one night. One night when the wind blows a ferocious friendly wind from Fruängen. They are night orienteers. Time to unfold the map.

Life is a disaster area – not Vera’s forte. Bricken dread to fall down dead and not even be able to respond when spoken to. Would Vera be disappointed in her if she died? Yes, but she could understand why Bricken not heard of itself. Anyhow want Vera preferably to be left alone. But as Bricken points night orienteering is a team sport.

Night orienteers is about Vera and Bricken wandering around in the night, in the city, on the run from their home environment or themselves. They call themselves night orienteers, pondering life’s purpose and meaning. Still, there is direction, than there is orientation. Here life’s innermost absurdity and tramping up over the asphalt, with sneakers.

Night orienteerers
by Kristina Lugn

Premiere, December 3 at Klarascenen

By Kristina Lugn

Director Eva Dahlman

Set design Lars Östbergh

Suit Annsofi Nyberg

Light Per Sundin

Sound Michael Breschi

Mask Sara Englund

In the roles:

Bricken – Yvonne Lombard

Vera – Meta Velander

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