Night open on Kanelbullens day.

By on September 6, 2017

October 4th, the cinnamon bun day is coming. Something of a holy day for many and perhaps not least for the baking industry.

– We love of course this day, it’s a nice tradition and a bit of a competition between us bakeries where you want to prove that you have Stockholm’s finest cinnamon buns. We have started our preparations, says Kirles Barsoum, baker manager of Bröd & Salt.

Getting the perfect buns on a 10 kg’s dough is no problem, but working with 200 kgs dough is another thing, continues Kirles.

On a regular day, Bröd & Salt bakes about 3000 buns, but on the day of cinnamon buns it achieves the figure over 10,000.

There is a lot of logistics and planning in front of the cinnamon buns day and besides making buns, even the other production with bread, cakes and hamburger bread will roll as usual.

– No one will go without buns this day. We will be open until midnight in our bakery at Skeppsbron so guests can come and buy fresh buns late in the evening if they want to, says Michel Mourad, CEO and owner of Bröd & Salt.

Bröd & Salt bakes all their pastries and bread, lactose-free, with butter from Valio, and they also have a vegan cinnamon bun in its assortment.

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