Niclas Östlind lectures at Hallwyl Museum

By on February 28, 2017

Wednesday, March 1 visits Niclas Östlind (Ph. D. in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts) Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. He tells how the children and their world has been portrayed in the late 1800s studio portraits and in 1970s documentary photography. What technical conditions have shaped the types of images that have been possible to do? What social ideals have influenced the image of the children?

The lecture takes place in connection with the recent opened photo exhibition Children of their time – from Hallwyl Palace to Hammarkullens million program, who also been curated by Niclas Östlind and Joakim Geiger.

For four decades, beginning in 1973, documented the photographer and author Jens S. Jensen (1946-2015) Gothenburg suburb Hammarkullen. He got to know the people who lived there and through his pictures and interviews you come close to the young people who grew up in one of the million program concrete suburbs.

In the exhibition meets both young people from Hammarkullen and the children von Hallwyl: Ebba, Ellen and Irma. It is almost a century between the pictures and they show two different worlds. One where the family fortune created in the 1800s booming industrialism. The second depicts the children of workers in structural transformations 1970s; a world where the young people early gets handle themselves and where the recreation center is the gathering place.

Lecture Wednesday, March 1st 17:30 to 18:30 at the Hallwyl Museum, Hamngatan 4. Tickets 100 SEK purchased at the box office/the shop

Read more about the exhibition: here >>

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