Nice retro pop from Superwalkers

By on May 13, 2017

The Stockholm-based duo Superwalkers has recently released their new song I Got You, a really nice song with a lovely positive feeling.

The duo continues on with the new song on their retro pop track and even the first time I heard it, I got the feeling that I heard it before, not in a bad way as it is in the retro concept that it should be recognisably.

The song has a good flow and I get some summer vibes of it, it feels good this summer with a pop song that has a proper bass drive so it works on the dance floor.

This feels very well-produced and I have to say that A and J as the artists call themselves have done a good job.

⇓⇓ Listen to “I Got You” ⇓⇓

Karl-Johan Sandberg, Culture & Music | Stockholm