News from Skansen’s gardens

By on June 9, 2017

Skansen’s gardens contain a sparkling abundance of both old garden plants, kitchen plants, berry bushes, roses, rare weeds and much more botanically interesting. There are also colonial parties, the greenhouse with exhibitions and urban cultivation. This year the gardeners offer some news.

Garden Talk
Skansen’s gardener talks about garden. The theme may be, for example, the herbage farm, the cultivation of gray peas or tobacco and rhubarb. They start at 14:00 every Wednesday starting 14 June and last until 30 August. Information on what is Wednesday’s theme will be on the website’s calendar and on a sign in the Main Entrance.

Trendy gray peas
In the garden of Possibilities, gray peas are grown and in the urban cultivation below the garden of Possibilities, it grows vertically in a wall-hung cultivation. Here city residents and balcony growers can get many tips for their green spaces.

Picnic on the small island
New to this year is also that there is a new picnic spot on Offerholmen, the small island in the dam behind the Fish Roast and Bollnäs Grill in the middle of Skansen.

Skansen’s own apple
The skansen apple found last autumn on a shelf over the Spegeldammen has now been grafted on a number of rootstocks, so in the future there will be Skansen apple trees. Whenever possible, these should be able to buy too, but it takes a number of years for them to grow up until then, courses are kept in pruning and grafting, etc. See more info here >>

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