Newly written musical highlights the society’s most taboo issues

By on April 20, 2019

On May 15, 2019, it is the first performance of the musical “Mitt liv” with the Theater Satelliten, Sweden’s first included theater, in Sollentuna. A performance that uncensored exposes vulnerability within us. What is hiding inside that we dare not tell and who no one else sees?

Wednesday May 15 is the premiere of the musical “Mitt liv” at the Arena Satelliten in Sollentuna. Mitt liv is a musical in which several lives are linked together under the theme of mental ill-health. In the story we get to meet three best friends, who are going to keep together the whole life whatever happens. But when life affects them, their paths are separated and we must follow how their children grow up with different conditions. What happens in a family stuck in grief? How are we affected by society’s demands? How do you help someone who is no longer able to live? Can the benefits of an Asparagus diagnosis be the deciding factor in solving other people’s problems?

– I think that we “normal-disrupted” have a lot to learn from, for example, people with asparagus, as the role character Ben in the musical. There is a lot in what he sings “To say one thing, but mean another, why do you do so? When one can instead make it easy and say what it is ”. If we dared to talk about how we feel, we would be much better off and be taken with less suffering, says Hanna Stadell Mellbin, songwriter of the musical and singing teacher at Teater Satelliten in Sollentuna municipality.

The Theater Satelliten is an ensemble where people with and without function variation perform musicals on a professional level. The main role of Ben is played eg. by Teddy Johansson who himself has a neuropsychiatric function variation while another is played by Isac Westford Stadell one of Sweden’s promising artists in musical and soul. The strength of the theater ensemble lies precisely in lifting the artists’ strengths on stage, where you don’t always know who has other conditions than what society calls it “normal”.

– We often talk about the need to think outside the box, but in fact it is very little “ordinary people” can do it. However, many people with diagnoses have a special ability to see things in a different way and an ability to think outside the box. What would happen if they were given the opportunity to be included in society, would we see more innovations? Should it then be reversed, that we are the ones who need support and not them? says Linda Mattsson Kledzik director, screenwriter and manager at Teater Satelliten in Sollentuna municipality.

The Theater Satelliten wants to touch with love, seriousness, humor and hope that the musical leaves a big impression in the social debate about daring to talk and break the silence around our greatest public disease.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Sollentuna