Newly written cabaret – Soppteaterns first performance Under the fountain at Sergels torg

By on January 19, 2019
Matilda Rahm

Den sista kabarén! takes a starting point in a fictitious reality not completely different from our own where cultural institution after cultural institution closes. First performance on January 24 at Soppteatern Under the fountain at Sergels torg. By and with Sara Jangfeldt and Andreas T Olsson. At the poor piano: Fredrik Meyer. The performance is Sara Jangfeldt’s first stage performance as an artistic director of the Soppteatern.

In a time of cultural policy change, Soppteatern starts its activities Under the fountain with Den sista kabarén!. The show depicts, with humor and seriousness, what happens when one cultural institution after the other closes down for renovation. In the introduction scene, Sara Jangfeldt sings together with the eternal pianist Fredrik Meyer when Andreas T Olsson suddenly comes in and tells us that Dramaten has also closed for an indefinite future.

– The time we now live in feels so incredibly uncertain. Politically and culturpolitically. The best way to attack serious and anxious issues is to dare to laugh about it, and then the cabaret is the best form. To do this, one has to find that funny brain and partner. Andreas T Olsson was my obvious choice! Our ideas, melodies and lyrics have been intertwined with Fredrik Meyer’s sound images about how a city slowly shut down, says Sara Jangfeldt.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm