New Year’s Day is the best day for online dating during the holidays

By on December 18, 2018

Christmas mingle, New Year’s party or Winter Ball. The Christmas holiday is the perfect opportunity for singles to meet new acquaintances. But the question is, when during the holidays is the perfect time to find a flirt?

A new survey from the dating app happn shows that Swedish singles are most active in the app on New Year’s Day. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, however, has the least activity.

In connection with Christmas celebrations, the dating app happn has investigated when during the holiday it’s the best time for singles to online date. The statistics from previous year shows that New Year’s Day is best day for those who wants to find a flirt. It is the day with the highest activity in the app, followed closely by the very week of January. On the other hand, the singles seem to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the family. During these days the activity is at its lowest.

– We know from previous years that online daters are not particularly active during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But even though family and friends come first during Christmas, many become more open and social in connection with holidays and when off from work. Therefore, it may be a good opportunity to propose a date for one of your existing flirts, says Eugénie Legendre, International communications manager at happn.

Christmas activities with a high flirt factor
Happn has also investigated the flirting factor on some classic Christmas activities in Stockholm. On Biblioteksgatan’s Christmas-decorated shopping street, Kungsträdgården’s ice skating rink and at Södra Teatern’s Christmas show, most Crushes occur in the city during the Christmas season.

Top 5: Here are the most flirtatious Christmas activities

  1. Christmas shopping at Biblioteksgatan
  2. Ice skating in Kungsträdgården
  3. Christmas show at Södra Teatern
  4. Drink hot chocolate at Lisas Café & Hembageri
  5. Skiing in Hammarbybacken

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About the survey:
The survey is based on happn’s own data based on user activity in the app. The top list of the most flirtatious Christmas activities is based on the number of Crushes per user in selected locations in Stockholm. All statistics are completely anonymous. The survey is based on statistics from the period 2017-12-18 to 2018-01-07.