New super duo Crew Of Me&You goes out on tour

By on March 7, 2019

In the late 1990s, five teenage friends formed The Sounds, one of the few bands in their genre who went outside Sweden’s borders. Almost two decades and millions of sold records and concert tickets later, the founders Maja Ivarsson and Felix Rodriguez have joined forces and formed the Crew of Me&You and at the end of March they go on tour.

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Often when artists have a long career, it comes a time when they feel they want to explore other musical directions and passions that may not fully fit into their current design. Instead of trying to change the sound that already exists, it can sometimes be a better alternative to start over from scratch and let it develop in its own way. With this reasoning in mind, the Crew of Me&You was started.

“We will always be rebels in our hearts and in our music,” explains Maja “so this new journey along a new musical path is something we are very happy to share with each other. Make your world ready, we have been ready for a long time .. and it makes my heart beat faster just by thinking about it ”.

Within a short time, the duo will release their first song and take their vicious, provocative and playful electro to the dance floor as they go on tour during March and April.

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23/3 – Arbis Bar & Salonger, Norrköping
12/4 – The Tivoli, Helsingborg
18/4 – Bongo Bar, Jönköping
19/4 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm
20/4 – Frimis Salonger, Örebro
03/5 – KB, Malmö

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Södermalm