New Stockholm – Beckmans’ alumni exhibiting at Milan Design Week

By on April 5, 2017

Eight emerging designers exhibit at 5vie during Milan Design Week, April 4-9.

Stockholm has long been an incubator of design. And also an influencer in creative thinking and innovation. Now eight newly graduates from Stockholm-based Beckmans College of Design make their second appearance on the international design scene with the exhibition New Stockholm in 5VIE, in the heart of Milan.

New work

The eight emerging design talents have created an event that features new work, employing new technology, machine processes and manmade materials in new and unexpected ways in a collaborative exhibition.

A part of the exhibition area will provide a scene to meet the designers and view their portfolios. Since their graduation projects, the students have developed and explored their own focus as designers. By articulating and managing their own projects, they express their personal interests and convictions, as well as use the methods and the form that they want to develop.


Benjamin Curtis, Elina Johansson, Isa Andersson, Märta Hägglund, Sanna Gripner, Sara Sjöbäck, Tina Eklund, Vera Panichewskaja.

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