New single and music video “Bubbi John”

By on June 1, 2017

Back in February, the first single ”Something/Nothing” was released and achieved some amazing placements on Spotify playlists and has now had more than 100,000 spins. Now we’re ready to reveal it’s follow-up “Bubbi John” set for release on 02 June. Check out the single and video via the links below and feel free to post these links online for editorial use as you please. The video for “Bubbi John” is captured at sundown on a magic day at Benirras beach in northern Ibiza. The video is un-listed on YouTube and will be open for everyone’s eyes on Friday, but you are welcome to embed this on your blog or news site now to give your readers a sneak preview.

Single audio link – here >>
Single video link – here >>

Debut album out on 16 June
Soon the album is released on all digital platforms and it will be available to pre-order on iTunes from 02 June. The album will be out on vinyl aswell shortly after the digital release, and in case you live in Malmö, Sebastian will deliver a limited number of pre-ordered vinyls in person at your doorstep!

Singer/songwriter and producer Sebastian Lilja a.k.a. Hush Forever grew up with his mother in a small town of south Sweden. Sebastian was playing the violin at the age of five and then discovered the drums, and later on fell in love with the guitar and singing. He started several bands in this little town and played live already around the age of 10. Being addicted to music, he searched for opportunities during the school time to always be playing. Together with his bandmates he had a rehearsal studio in the basement of the school, tricking the teachers to actually spend time down there during the lessons. This drive also made him attend music college and later on the academy of music in Malmö, Sweden, where he could go deep into the knowledge of music and also be surrounded by like-minded.

But after a few years it all got a bit too institutional for him. He was already touring with artists as a guitarist and was busy developing his own music at the same time. So the last year he’s more out touring than in school, dropping out slowly, since the way he wanted to go was open. He was constantly writing and producing and trying to find his own universe while in the meantime working as a session guitarist.

In 2000 he co-wrote songs for Marc Ferrari at Mastersource, US and got synced into a few American series such as Las Vegas. He also co-wrote a song for the danish ambient-project Bliss and this is when he met his good friend Klaus Bau and started the ambient-duo Flipside. Flipside released three albums from 2002-2007 and were approved into the premier league of chillout and ambient music, being one of the favourite bands of master DJ Ravin at Buddha Bar in Paris.

In a bicycle basement in the multicultural part of Malmö, Sebastian finally found the universe and expression he was searching for. With the voice and quirky acoustic guitars in front, blended in with the analog drummachine and a deep warm 70’s MS10 Korg Bass synth, it merges into the sampled sounds of life and an experimental cinematic atmosphere. With a fascination for minimalism and contrasts he has found the environment he wanted to be in.

His first EP ”For Now” was released in 2011 and Sebastian started to form his live act, trying to recreate the sound of the album live in an organic way.

In the beginning of 2012 Sebastian took a break from many years of touring with other artists and it lead him into the realization that he had to change pattern and focus on his own music. He is dealing with the lows of life and is forced to take care of himself and fortunately, his big interest for the human mind is helping him to stay beyond the surface.

In 2013 Sebastian decided to take a break from his life in Malmö and moved to the countryside of northern Ibiza with his love and newborn baby. He built a studio on top of a hen house and started to record his full-length album. At the same time a wonderful collab with German act Deep Dive Corp. turned into the release of a three-song EP in 2014.

Drenched in the vibe of this magical island, he soon has expanded his universe and created what today is the album ”Find The Gap” released 16 june. In September 2016 Hush Forever contributed to a song for the Swedish cinema success movie ”Jag Älskar Dig” (”I Love You”). Although the movie is a love comedy, the featured song ”Life is a Black Curtain” is used in a dark and moody scene. A perfect fit.

Welcome to join our little universe.

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