By on February 20, 2018

Peter Jöback – one of our most definitely brightest stars opens his musical heart and the doors to the Circus in Stockholm with his life’s biggest own show on a solid stage so far. Join a spectacular, colorful, dramatic and musical journey between life stages and world destinations. Decadent Berlin, romantic Paris, magic New York, sophisticated London and not least luxury Las Vegas. Meet Peter Jöback as the artist, crooner, musical star and pop singer through successes, adversities, love, heartbreak and passion for the stage and showbiz.

Peter Jöback and his creative team Hans Marklund and Magnus Renfors are the brains behind this magnificent music experience that is so unique in its turn that it gave rise to a whole new concept, which they call “POPTEATER”. On stage together with Jöback we will see a 16-man-sized ensemble – a 10-person orchestra, dancer, acrobater, actor and singer.

Everyone is handpicked by Peter Jöback and Sweden’s own showman Hans Marklund, who, apart from the show manager at Hamburger Börs for many years, is behind a host of magnificent performances, galas and TV events.

This pop theater is clearly reproduced by Jöback’s own soundtrack, but also by completely unheard of tones from a new album he wrote with Tobias Fröberg and Kathryn Williams, produced in Los Angeles by Tobias Karlsson from Max Martins company MXM. Here we introduce to a whole new exciting grip in Peter Jöback’s expression as a pop artist.

“It’s 20 years since I made my first show on stage and so crazy a lot has happened in those years. For me, this show is one of the biggest things I’ve done and getting together with this awesome team feels absolutely amazing and I look forward to creating pop music at Circus!” – Peter Jöback

“His Greatest Show – With Heart As Effort” plays in the middle of life as Peter Jöback himself describes it and is a tribute to bygone epochs and present times spoken somewhere in the border between the language of the movie and the stage’s expression. Circus turns into an arena theater and the audience is thrown in in the middle of the epicenter of the events. The show is limited as little by the scene as the limits of the imagination, what is really a dream and what is reality?

We welcome you to an unforgettable evening – a different arena and total experience with music, dance food and drinks.

Show date: Premiere on September 20th. 20:00. After that, the performance will be played Thursday to Saturday in the fall of 2018.

Ticket Release: February 27th

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm